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  • Nordic Championships in Angry Birds

    Which Nordic country have the most angry birds? And who will be Nordic Champion in smashing pigs?

    This year the big Nordic tournament during Nordic Game Day 2011 will feature the Finnish game/phenomenon  ”Angry Birds” and every Nordic library is invited to participate in the tournament with big prizes.

    Requirements and rules

    The requirements are a version of ‘Angry Birds’ on either Pc or Mac and honest scorekeeping during the day.

    The participants can play levels 1-5 as a warmup, and then the accumulated scores for levels 6-10 (no replays allowed) will be the final highscore for that participant.

    It´s up to each library how many times each player can try and set a highscore, and by the end of the day the library will submit the best highscore of the day together with the players name/address to Nordic Game Program. More detailed rules will be published on this blog at the start of November.

    The Nordic winners will be announced November 14th on this blog and by email.

  • Registration for Nordic gamingday 2019 opens today!

    This years Nordic gamingday is on Saturday 12th of november.We hope to see libraries from all the Nordic countries participating, and are looking forward to getting to know your plans and ideas for events on the day.

    Responsible for the Nordic gamingday this year is Nordic game program and game-critic Thomas Vigild will be this years coordinator.

  • Racing i Drammensbiblioteket!

    På Drammensbiblioteket i Norge blir Spilldag en kjempeopplevelse for alle som er interessert i motorsport. Vi drar like godt inn en hel racerbane inn biblioteket!

    Vrooom! Drammensbiblioteket har innledet et samarbeid med event- og spillformidleren Prolek her i Drammen. De driver med utleie og salg av avanserte bilsimulatorer og har også andre spillrelaterte arrangementer.

    Under  ser du de kjente rallybrødrene Solberg i aksjon på en slik maskin.